• Retirees Annual Meeting is held on the 4th Thursday in September. (This will be getting changed to October)

Our Mission

When you retire, you automatically become a member of EWEB Retired Employees, Inc.  There are no dues to belong.  EWEB policy prohibits staff from providing mailing addresses of retired employees (per federal law), Therefore, if you wish to be kept informed of items concerning your retirement, it is necessary that you supply all contact information.

Please provide your name, address, phone number, spouse's name and an email address to:

EWEB Retired Employees, Inc.
2663 Quince Street
Eugene, OR  97404




EWEB Retiree Benefits 

      Includes EWEB Tier Information

Becoming a Member

The EWEB Museum Collection was started by Bill Eaton (EWEB employee 1946 to 1978).  He originally wanted to show the children who came to EWEB on school field trips about the early days of electricity.  He understood the tremendous change that electricity brought to our society and wanted everyone to remember how things used to be and some of how we got to where we are today because of electricity.  Most items are currently in storage but displays are regularly updated and changed in both the Main Office North Building and also the Roosevelt Operations Center.

  • Holiday Luncheon is held on the Tuesday in the week before Christmas.

Picnic will be held on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at The Lloyd Knox Park in Leaburg.  Be watching your mailbox for complete information.

  • Retiree Luncheon Every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Eugene Elks Lodge located at 2470 W. 11th Ave, Eugene, OR  97402

EWEB First 100 Years

A historical compilation of photos and narrative of EWEB and City of Eugene, well-written and documented by George Mason. 

Please follow the link to read and enjoy!  

Thank you, George, it is a fascinating read.


To protect your current retirement benefits, communicate with EWEB Staff, Encourage Intercommunication, Hold annual dinner/business meeting.

Something new has been added!  Click on the EWEB Retiree Blog above to get the latest news & benefit information from EWEB.

EWEB Museum

Useful Links

Moda Health formerly ODS Health Ins.

Are you on FaceBook?  Go to EWEB Retired Employees, INC. and request to join!  This is a great way to keep up to date on what's going on!

​We also have our own email address.

It is:  ewebretirees@gmail.com  If you wish to receive information via email rather than by mail, please send us your email and we will be glad to include you on our e-mailings!  So far we have 60 retirees signed up to receive information this way!