Current Officers and Board of Directors:

    Office                Name                          Term                         Phone Number

      President       Les Rieger                    2015 - 2018               541-688-9729    
Vice-Pres        Bobbi Miller                  2017 - 2020              541-915-5524
 Secretary        Karl Brown                    2015 - 2018              541-461-0938

 Treasurer        Deliene Miller                2017 - 2020              541-847-3387

Director 1      Gerald Betts                    2016 - 2019              541-688-1741
 Director 2       Jim Miller                       2016 - 2019              541-847-3387

Current Board Minutes:

    The meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by outgoing President, George Mason.
    The first order of business was to elect a new president of the board.  After a brief discussion, Bobbi Miller made a motion to elect Les Rieger as  President.  Karl Brown seconded the motion.  The motion carried.
Deliene Miller and Karl Brown will stay in their current positions. 

Deliene as Treasurer

Karl as Secretary.
Bobbi Miller will serve as Vice President.
Jim Miller and Gerald Betts will be members at large.

     George Mason informed the board that the Lloyd Knox park has been reserved for the picnic which will be the last Saturday in July. (July 28, 2018)  Several topics were discussed, such as a new and updated Welcome Letter as well as how do we get some of the newly retired and existing retirees to participate in activities.  A few suggestions were thrown out, such as Wine tours (possibly do it by vehicles first…and if successful, could do it by bus), pizza parties, crab feeds and other get-togethers possibly quarterly.  Deliene thought maybe something could be done in March or April.  The holiday luncheon was also discussed.  More discussion on these will take place at our next meeting. The mailing of the Holiday luncheon for this year will be  on Nov. 21st.  The cost of the dinner will be $16 plus gratuity.  It was agreed on to set the price of the dinner to those who attend at $15 per person. 
     As of this date, we have approximately 40 people on our email list.  Email address is:
     The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

There are many ways you can volunteer to help your fellow retirees.  We always need a little help....from stuffing & labeling envelopes to selling raffle tickets, to working the registration table to chairing an event.  A little help goes a very long way.  Below are some of our volunteers and the ways they have been helping our association and our events:

Carole Barnes, Bob Roggenbuck, Tommy & Gail Johnson, Jim & Deliene Miller, Gerald Betts, Karl Brown, Les Rieger, Bud and Gail Nadeau, Richard & Louise Mihulke, Nancy Cook, Jim Bassett, Tom & Dawn Reske, Pat & Nancy Cueto, Elliott Lewis, Chuck Root, Jeanie Schauerman, Frank Rutledge, Jan Hoogstad and many others have helped out in one way or another.

​If you would like to help out in any way, or have some ideas for future events, please contact one of our board members or send us an email at  Every little bit helps!

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President's Message

The board recently met and discussed several areas of the by-laws that are needing to be changed or updated.  One of the changes that will be coming is the Annual Meeting date.  Instead of September, it will be in October.  This will help spread out the time between events and make it easier for those living out of town to attend both the picnic and the annual meeting.  

We also discussed other activities that might be of interest to all age groups of retirees.  Everything from Wine Tours to Crab Feeds to Casino Bus trips.  We will be discussing this further and get input from other retirees.

The picnic was also discussed.  We are still needing a picnic coordinator, and all felt that what we have done in the past few years has made it much easier to plan.